I’ve given up on a great many things in my life. Dreams that were once held close to my heart have been let go and scattered to the wind. Friendships that were once my lifeline have drifted apart like boats in rough water. I think giving up on some things is natural in life, because …

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My last published post here was just over a year ago. I’d had a really good day and wanted to let my internet friends know I was doing better, that depression wasn’t winning the battle and I was still around. This post is somewhat different. As anyone living with depression can tell you, it comes …

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Have you seen this video? It’s one of the most important videos you’ll probably watch this year. It’s one of the most poignant ways anyone has tackled the issue of bullying, and it comes courtesy of Canada’s own spoken word poet Shane Koyczan. I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed when I came across the …

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The coffee I brought to my lips further served to intensify the churning in my stomach. My cheeks were hot but my hands cold and shaking as I attempted to craft the message I was about to send. Sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by strangers and inane conversation, I put together the words I …

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The Simaginarium

The imaginary playground of Minraed Arzhel

Self Distract Sequence

Video games, TV and movies. Life moves from one distraction on to the next...


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sex, love, mental health, music, & haphazardly meandering through my mid-twenties.

Sarah Hollowell

fat writer girl and her fat words

Naked Truth Astrology

Sit down. Shut up. Get naked. ...Astrology style.

The Writing Challenge 2015

23 essays in 12 months with a 100% chance of procrastination