***WARNING: This post will be dealing with weight loss, anorexia, and body image. Please keep yourself safe and back out now if this is something that will upset or trigger you. Thank you.*** I have been very heavy for my entire life. I actually wasn’t aware of my size until I hit second grade, when …

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My last published post here was just over a year ago. I’d had a really good day and wanted to let my internet friends know I was doing better, that depression wasn’t winning the battle and I was still around. This post is somewhat different. As anyone living with depression can tell you, it comes …

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My mind, in those days, was a slum. The buildings there were crumbling, decrepit, forgotten homes to rats and cockroaches. Broken windows housed broken thoughts as punshiment for crimes I did not commit. The streets were piled high with emotional garbage and baggage, a pothole became an impassable crevasse as my mentality turned toxic and …

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My depression is reminiscent of the ocean. From the relative safety of the beach, I look out over the vastness of the water and think I see someone. The foamy whiteness of breaking waves confirms my suspicions and although I am afraid of drowning, I put my feet into the frigid water and step forward. …

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Four thirty A.M. A.M. means ante-meridian, a fact that I learned ages ago somewhere on the internet. It pops up in my head constantly, no matter how useless a fact it might be. No one cares where things come from anymore. I stand at the bus stop with my green stainless steel travel mug clutched …

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