Announcements & News.

First off, let me say I’m sorry for being a horrible blogger. The only posting I did in June was re-posting articles from Wait(er) Magazine because I thought they might be lost forever in the shakeup.

Then I found out that something was being cooked up all this time!

Allow me to introduce the brand new, free as can be Wait(er) app! It’s on iTunes, you can get it for Android, and then you can read all the sexy service industry articles right on your phone for literally zero dollars.


Second of all, I haven’t been writing much at all because I’ve decided to focus the majority of my energy into making music. Did you guys see Jim Carrey’s speech at Maharishi University? Because you should. It completely inspired me to conquer my stage fright so I’ve been writing, recording and hitting open mic nights to get performance experience. If I’m going to fail, I’m going to do it on my terms doing something I love.

Watch his speech below, in full, if you’ve got the time.

I’ve also got tons of things on my plate right now, aside from my day job, recording and performing. I promise I won’t completely disappear. This blog is going to be going through some changes, but I want to go ahead and thank those of you who choose to stick with me through this leg of my journey.

You can also check out MY OFFICIAL SITE for the latest stuff I’m messing around with. 🙂

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