Vacation Roundup.

I’ve been sick my entire vacation. Not sick sick, just a minor cold, but still.

October 1st, I woke up with sinus pain and a head that felt two sizes too big. I spent the first two days lying on my couch drinking orange juice and watching Breaking Bad episodes. Last weekend, in spite of my lassitude, I made the two hour trip from Toronto to Cannington to visit my mom, aunt and grandmother. My first night there, I slept right through until 2:30PM the next day. Coming home was fun — every trip north results in me being laden down with more stuff than I started out with, largely due to the fact that I left behind some of my stuff when I moved out of my Mom’s house and she took it with her when she moved in with my aunt.

I went up with a backpack and came home with a backpack, carry-on sized suitcase, and an overstuffed reusable shopping bag.

I read my family the articles I’ve written recently. My grandmother’s reaction was the best: “You just make that up in your head and then write it down?!” She seemed to be flabbergasted by my ability to fuel rage and snark from my head onto the keyboard. It was cute.

I started to feel better, so yesterday I hauled every piece of fabric I own down to the laundromat. It’s actually embarrassing how long I’d gone without washing my bedclothes. I only own one set right now, so it’s not as if I can rotate them and always have clean sheets. No, I have to strip my bed and leave it barren until I can muster the strength to haul ass down to the laundromat and over-stuff the commercial washers.

I probably should’ve bought a new set when my sis came to visit and we went shopping…

Speaking of which, on Friday Ashley came to spend the night at my apartment. Since I’ve moved in here, she’s only been by once or twice, and never alone. Don’t get me wrong — I’m fine with her boyfriend, but sometimes a girl needs some sister time. There are things we can only talk about when we’re alone, due to shared history and comfort level. We made pizza and drank nearly an entire 26er of Bacardi. I’ve never really been a rum girl myself, but turns out it mixes quite well with Coke Zero. Who’da thunk it? I had a wee bit of recreational plant matter in my apartment so we had a bit of that but wound up too knackered to play Candyland or a game of cards, so we settled for watching Californication and drooling over the much-older David Duchovny.

I also managed to burn through nearly $300 at the mall. Found myself a really nice pair of old man slippers, too! Never underestimate the power of the men’s slipper section. I just wanted a plain pair of old fashioned slip-em-on slippers, not an elaborate, appropriation of culture pair of Walmart moccasins. I love slippers, because I am actually 100 years old.

By the time I got home from Ideal Laundry yesterday, I had begun to feel like shit again. I appreciate my cold’s courtesy in letting me finish my biggest chore before springing up to ruin my day again. At least now I have an excuse for sitting around all day reading and watching movies.

On the subject of reading, in the past ten days I’ve finished both Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At The End Of The Lane and Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and every time I finish a book, I put it down, sit for a minute processing, and then feel horribly depressed because it’s over. I have a stack of books on top of my refrigerator (I still haven’t bought any shelves) and no idea which one to read next. I tried to read E.M. Forster’s A Room With A View but couldn’t manage to get past the first chapter. Apparently I don’t have a taste for classics, with the exception of Oliver Twist or old children’s books like Heidi or Black Beauty. I felt the same way about Love In The Time Of Cholera. I don’t like it when books defeat me — I hate starting a book and then giving up on it so maybe I’ll try again.

I also managed to write a few songs. Two of them are basically finished and the other ones are nearing completion. Unfortunately, since my cold has now moved into my throat, swallowing is difficult, singing is damn near impossible, and when it is possible, it doesn’t sound good at all.

So, that was my vacation. While I wish I had been feeling top-notch for the whole of it, I’m at least grateful that I didn’t have to work while feeling ill. I go back to work Friday afternoon and I really hope this cold has cleared off by then.

If anyone wants to come over and make me some soup, you’re more than welcome.


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