Second Transfer Nerves.

In about two weeks, I’ll be transferring to yet another location. Not entirely by choice, although I’m always open to new experiences. There has been a general shaking-up of supervisors in my district and I’m being sent to a nearby cafe to gain more experience in a new setting.

Initially, I was against the idea. When you work eight-hour shifts with a lot of the same people every week, it can be hard to break the habit of familiarity. Most people I know are creatures of habit and when you throw a corporate wrench into the mix, folks tend to get a little testy.

The thing is, I’ve grown fairly close to my coworkers. Every day, we form a customer service front against the world. We laugh together over silly customer requests, we try to get our shit done on time, and we talk about what’s happening in our lives (by which I mean I ramble on and on and everyone tolerates it). We get the whole gang together occasionally and drink our faces off. It’s work life.

Now I have to go prove myself to a whole new group of people, and there’s no guarantee I’ll get along with everyone. I’ve been lucky at my last two locations, and I feel like it’s asking a little much to have the same kind of relationship with the baristas at a third location. We’ll see how that turns out, but it’s definitely been weighing on my mind. I’ve spent the last week a little stressed out, I’ve had trouble sleeping and writing, and have been forcing myself not to think about anything by binge-watching tv.

What is it about change that makes me so nervous? My whole life I’ve been all about change. When everything remains stable for an extended period of time, I get bored and depressed, but when an opportunity for change presents itself, I get so nervous. I somehow manage to force myself to adapt and embrace whatever changes life brings me, and in the end I’m grateful for it, but initially I’m fucking terrified.

My plan for the day is not to stress myself out. I’ve got some shit to do, boring shit like cleaning my oven and doing laundry, and I know performing menial tasks will help me concentrate on something other than my impending transfer. A whole new cast of characters is about to become part of my life and hey, it’ll give me some new subjects to write about.

This Friday a bunch of us are going out, it’s sort of a catch-all goodbye party. As nervous as I am, I know in the end this change will be what’s best for me.

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3 thoughts on “Second Transfer Nerves.

  1. You are so personable, I have no doubt you’ll fit in wherever you might find yourself. That being said, I wish you the utmost happiness in your new location!

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