Update: Life In Chaos.

A new issue of wait(er) comes out August 6, but if you haven’t checked out my article in the debut issue, it comes highly recommended!

There’s a bus station directly across from the cafe I call home eight hours a day, five days a week. Our clientele is mostly transient, made up of travelers from all over Canada and the world. They come in, laden with luggage, ask for coffee and directions to good places to visit, and then they move on. Most of them I never see again. We have our core group of wealthy, well-dressed businesspeople as well, but they usually come for their fix in the mornings and early afternoons.
At night, my cafe gets ugly.

To read the entire article, go HERE.

Other things I’ve been working on:

1. Flash fiction. I submitted a piece to an art magazine. If rejected, I have a couple other places to submit it before and eventually publishing it here. It’s kind of… dark.

2. A blog/video channel of book reviews. Ever since I got a suitcase full of books from a former coworker, I’ve been working my way through each of the titles. I would like to share my thoughts about each book with the internet and spark some conversation. I also want book recommendations.

3. My apartment. I am the worst interior decorator. I see a blank wall and panic. I did manage to pick up a couch, some side tables, a shelving unit and a sweet writing desk, so I’m getting there. The only problem is, the better my apartment looks, the more reluctant I am to leave it to go to work.

4. The X Files. Well, I’m not so much working on it as I am working through it. When not writing or working or sleeping, I am marathon-ing my way through the series. I can’t believe I never watched it before.

5. My sleeping pattern. It’s broken again, but I’m hopeful that with a few more catnaps, I’ll be once again living in the land of the regulated.

I have a “real” blog post coming to you this week, along with a fairly big announcement relating to work. Stay tuned, I’ll be back.

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