So I’ve Been Published.

For those of you not working in service, have you ever wanted to go behind the counter and see what actually goes on? Have you ever even been remotely curious about the people serving your drinks, coffee or food? From bartenders to baristas and fast food jockeys, wait(er) has it all straight from the people on the front lines.

I got an email a few days ago from the man behind the magic, Keith R. Higgons, inviting me to contribute to the very first issue, which was released Tuesday, July 2. I revamped an article previously published right here on TCW and sent it in. I spent the night before the deadline biting my fingernails off because I have this whole fear of the unknown thing happening in my life.

And now it’s out! For 0.99/month you’ll get a brand new issue the first Tuesday of every month, and you know damn well I’ll have something fresh and original in August’s issue. And hey, if you have some stories from your own time behind the counter, you should totally contribute and we’ll probably become literary best friends and such!

The Skinny:
Subscribe to the magazine HERE.
Follow on WordPress HERE.
Find it on Twitter HERE.
On the ol’ Facebook HERE.
Aaaaand on Google+ HERE.

So dudes, if you really truly love me (and I know you do), you’ll help me spread the word and get this thing off the ground.

And to read words from the man who started the whole thing, GO HERE!

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