Whiny Whiny Bright Side.

There are a great many reasons why today sucked.

1. We were understaffed at work, but only because we’ve become outrageously busy since the weather got nice. It made running breaks and getting all that manager stuff I have to do (read: the daily and weekly orders, deposit prep, and bank trip) a massive fucking challenge. We barely had time to wipe the sweat from our collectively furrowed brows this morning. Customers were cranky because the line was so long. I missed a drink and left a customer waiting for, like, ten minutes.

2. The line at the bank was also disgustingly lengthy. Not only did I have to wait forever, but they did not have nearly enough change to supply my store for the night. This is a running issue at my cafe’s bank, and my fellow supervisors and I have literally been begging my boss to switch. I waited EVER SO PATIENTLY for my requested rolls of quarters and loonies and one of the tellers had the audacity to say to me, “Oh, we usually get a call so we can prepare the change before you come.” UM, EXCUSE ME. I would have called but I was about two hours late actually dragging my ass to that godforsaken branch, and it was so busy I could barely find time to call two baristas in early, let alone chat with bank folks about how many rolls of fucking dimes I’d need to pick up. Calling ahead wasn’t really a priority today. Also, every time I call, nobody answers. So… yeah.

3. For whatever reason, the supervisor who opened yesterday was unable to put the daily order in on time (cutoff is 11AM), so we’re being shipped a psycho order tomorrow morning. Not only will we have the weirdest number of sandwiches I’ve ever seen, we’ll only have three bags of whole milk. Considering the crazy special we have on blended drinks happening tomorrow (in which the default milk is whole), we are going to be screwed. Three is not enough. I had to order 20 for Saturday, in case you need an example of the volume we’re expecting.

4. I got off work an hour and a half AFTER my scheduled end time, making my shift around ten hours, during which I only got two breaks. This means I got home nearly thirteen hours after I left this morning.

However, there are also a great many reasons why today didn’t suck that badly and actually got better.

1. My coworkers rallied behind me and prevented me from having a meltdown. They were cool about getting their breaks a tad late and they helped keep me sane. My coworker Simon left me a note telling me I handled today’s insanity “like a BAWSE”. Having such amazing coworkers really really helps.

2. The weather is seriously fucking beautiful today. I know I usually stay inside where it’s cool and dark and there are snacks and TV shows, but the walk from the streetcar stop to my house was really nice and I may even venture outside to get some dinner later.

3. Free drinks from work. This is always a plus, no matter how crazy the day is.

4. My Ultimate HIM Fan Pack thingy arrived in the mail sometime yesterday. When I left this morning, it was perched on my doorstep and since I didn’t have time to open it, I left it for after work. Two T-shirts, a hoodie, two LPs, a CD and a massive poster — it felt like Christmas. I even sat on my kitchen floor to unwrap everything. Also, the concert is in seven days, and I’m all ready to wear my T-shirt to the show and fangirl the shit out of it.

5. I have enough tip money to scurry out and get myself a bottle of horrible, delicious Coke Zero.

6. Payday is tomorrow. I skated by with $24 left in my bank account, but all my bills were paid in full and my rent check didn’t bounce, so that makes me very, very excited. Also, May is a Three Paycheck Month, which means one of them is ENTIRELY EXPENDABLE. I could save, but you know, I’m still in the midst of decorating my apartment so most of it will probably go to that.

Moral of the story: I need to stop complaining so much, because clearly the good outweighs the bad.

I hope you’re all having beautiful days! Remember to (try to) look on the bright side. To aid you in this, feast your ears on my ultimate cheer up song of the century: David Bowie’s “Modern Love”.

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