Hello Spring, Goodbye Pants.

It’s spring, and you know what that means.

Hello rain, hello sunshine, hello warmer weather, GOODBYE PANTS.

I hate pants. I mean, really. Unless they’re my favorite pair of ugly track pants, anything that isn’t a dress or skirt can just gtfo. This winter was far too cold for me to do anything but give in to wearing the damn things, so I settled for compromise and bought myself a few pairs of jeggings (heaven help me) in order to retain some level of comfort and warmth.

I went in to work the other day in a skirt. “Look at you!” my boss exclaimed. “You’re all dressed up!” I suppose since he hired me in the midst of winter’s coldest, nipple-freezing days, he didn’t know he’d be seeing a lot more of my tights-clad legs as the weather warmed. “I hate pants,” I deadpanned. “Oh, really?” “Yes. I’ve been incredibly unhappy all winter.”

And that last part is true. I’m one of many first-world humans suffering from seasonal affective disorder. It’s possible I’m part bear, and that’s why my instincts drive me to binge eat and marathon sleep my way through most of my winter days off, but it’s more likely I’m just SAD.

It doesn’t help that the world seems to have straight up gone insane. It’s hard to write happy things when people are hurting each other left and right. I was going to write a post about it, but I knew it would further depress me and besides, THIS POST is so much better than anything I could come up with.

Anyway, in celebration of spring’s return, I’d like to present you with this list of things that make me happy.

1. Coffee first thing in the morning. There’s nothing quite like it and I’ve become quite accustomed to wandering out to my kitchen and flipping the ON button, then listening as my $15 Wal-Mart coffeemaker makes its magic. That first sip is amazing, possibly because I sleep with my mouth open and have probably been swallowing spiders all night. Bonus: My stainless steel tumbler doubles as a weapon, should I happen to need one.

2. The smell of freshly shampooed hair. For real. I work with food and drink so I’m required to rein in my hair during my shifts. At the end of a long night of ass kissing, there’s nothing better than letting your hair down and catching that fruity, clean scent all up in your nose. I purr a little, which makes my coworkers more than a little uncomfortable.

3. Tea. Need I say more? I drink herbal tea at night because it doesn’t keep me awake and I’m clearly 85 years old.

4. Marathon walking. I can only do this on days I don’t work, but believe me, it’s worth it. I walk all over Toronto, with no set destination in mind. My boyfriend usually accompanies me and I always end up smoking too many cigarettes so by the time we get back home, I’m all Kathleen Turner. Worth it.

5. Visiting my family way the fuck up north. Ever heard of Cannington? No? Well, fear not, you’re not the only one. I spent some time there in my wayward youth, and my mom and aunt both live there now, so whenever I can manage it, I shove a change of clothes into my obnoxious rainbow backpack and make the three-hour bus trip to go see them. I spent Wednesday and Thursday there this week to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I came back with a new pair of shoes and three mega-cute leather jackets (FAKE leather ftw). Not to mention a fistful of delectable Caramel Log bars. Again, don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about — I’ve never seen the damn things outside of Newfoundland but they’re a HUGE DEAL in my family. We get them shipped up via my kick ass grandmother.

6. The sun. No, really. Vitamin D is amazing and boosts my mood so much. When the sun is shining, chances are I’m in a decent mood.

7. Discount dresses. I buy them practically in bulk. I harp on and on about how we’re living in a consumerist society and we’re so wasteful and take everything for granted, so naturally I tend to buy my clothes from Goodwill and Salvation Army. Sally Ann, as we call it, has been stepping up their dress game lately and I’ve bought no less than ten dresses in the last couple of weeks. Reusing stuff is awesome, especially when that stuff is cute as fuck.

8. Learning new chords and cover songs. Being a writer of original songs is wicked cool, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot to be said for learning how to play some of your favorite songs by other artists. After all, I never came across Amanda Palmer‘s music until I heard her cover of “Polly” by Nirvana. With a couple important shows coming up next month, I figure adding a couple covers to my repertoire could go a long way.

Well, that about sums it up. No matter how crappy the weather, never mind that it snowed three damn times in April, I’m looking forward to spring, sunshine, and focusing on positivity.

Have a beautiful Friday, everyone!

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One thought on “Hello Spring, Goodbye Pants.

  1. You have been nominated by me for an award. It’s called The Liebster Blog Award. Please see my post re my own nomination as the format is there. Best of luck. Thanks for helping set me up here. I love you!

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