Dust Jackalopes & The Misery Of Overworking.

Work has overtaken my life, hence my lack of posts over the last little while. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t adore the folks who have chosen to follow this little blog, because I love the shit out of each and every one of you (in an intense and potentially carnal manner). It’s work.

I have a tendency to say yes to every extra shift that comes my way, and I am always drawn by the prospect of extra dollars lining my bank account. I am, by most definitions, a workaholic. It’s a fairly lucrative addiction, especially when compared to my penchant for cigarettes (though I never stop TRYING to quit). I’m convinced if not for free coffee from my job, I would probably go bankrupt trying to support my crippling caffeine addiction.

The problem with working so much (like, 50 hours in one week followed by a six-day work week with a dreaded “clopen” — where you work a closing shift directly followed by an opening one) is that eventually you’re going to sleep in.

I slept in this morning and was an hour late. I made up for it by staying an hour later, so essentially I’m still tired.

Also, insomnia. So much insomnia. I’ve been plagued with it since I hit puberty so I’m at the point where it doesn’t even bother me anymore, I just accept it as reality and move on. Some nights I lay awake in my bed, willing sleep to come and before I know it I’m still up and my alarm clock is screaming its morning serenade in my ear.

Too many hours spent working means I’ve let a lot of my personal tasks slide slowly but surely to the back burner. My laundry has grown steadily into a mountain and my floor is overrun by dust bunnies that can be said to have sprouted horns and gone full jackalope at this point. Tuesday and Wednesday are my two days off (woo! Jen Weekend!) so I’m playing catch-up all day today.

On the upside, I spent the beginning of last week in a little town I like to call Cannington working on some lyrics my aunt penned. Songwriting has been a solitary activity for me for as long as I can remember, although I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of co-writing. She was nervous about singing her songs in front of me, but I explained that in order to work out chords for her melody, I’d need to hear it. With a little coaxing, she overcame her fear and I was able to do her lyrics some justice.

Here are the two videos we shot while I was there.

It was a lot of fun, and we ended up finishing two of her songs. It was a great creative refresher. When you’ve been doing anything for too long, sometimes you just need to look at it in a new perspective and it restarts your engines, especially when it’s not music you’d typically make.

For now, I’m off to buy food and tackle my chores.

Being a grown up sucks.

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