New Year’s Evolution.

We survived the end of the Mayan calendar. December 21 came and went with little fanfare aside from comical apocalypse updates all over my Tumblr dashboard. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that 2013 is an inevitability.

Every year, many people strive to better themselves. We make promises to do more, be more, go further, and have an even better year than the preceding one. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there are a few that people repeat year after year, often with little success. And so, gentle readers, I present to you an alternative.


Changing your mindset often has a great deal to do with how successful you are in certain endeavors. Weight loss, quitting smoking, being better with your money — these are pretty much the Big Three of resolutions. This year, I’ll work out. I’ll use that gym membership I shell out fifty bucks a month for and get ripped, fit and downright sexual. Or, this will be my last cigarette. The patches, hypnosis, and the uncontrollable consumption of sunflower seeds will get me through. I really will start setting aside X-number of dollars each month so the next time I catch a cold I don’t have to freak out wondering where my rent money’s going to come from. By the end of the year, I’ll have a nice little nest egg!

But half the time, it doesn’t happen.

Within the first couple of weeks, we return to the habits of which we were so fond before the year expired and a new one began. It’s not our fault, really. We like what we like, and we’re basically hardwired to like it forever thanks to a shit ton of sugar, nicotine, and effective psychological-warfare-styled marketing.

So how about we change the way we think about resolutions? Instead of making them about promising ourselves to completely scrap all the wonderfully unhealthy things we enjoy, let’s make them about evolving to enjoy some healthier things too? Counteract all that eating by maybe moving a little more. Small changes to the diet can make a huge difference, as anyone who’s lost weight will tell you. How about instead of quitting cold-turkey at midnight on January 1, you vow to smoke ONE LESS cigarette per day? It probably won’t be as hard as you think, nor will it be as extreme. As you begin to feel better and cough less you may even be inspired to continue weaning yourself off the cancer-sticks until you’re smoke-free. And saving money really isn’t that hard once you convince yourself it’s a lot like paying bills. You pay a bill to yourself and imagine that money is gone and inaccessible, just the same as if you’d paid your rent or phone bill. Over time, you get into the mindset that you can’t touch that money or miss a payment and before you know it, you really do have a nice little nest egg set aside. Making a resolution into a decision to evolve into a better person than you are today seems to me like a great way to improve your chances of success.

All that being said, here are my own personal New Year’s Evolutions:

1. Blog more, blog better.

I typically have a lot of trouble starting something and sticking with it. Oh, sure, I’ve got a ton of great ideas, but once I’ve begun to get them off the ground I tend to abandon them. I greatly admire people like Black Coffee Poet, who set a schedule and keep to it. That’s why I’ve already started to get myself into the habit of publishing a new post every Thursday at 10AM. That gives me one week to get inspired and get writing, and it doesn’t matter if I write two or more posts a week and none the next because I’ve already got them queued and ready to go. That’s something I feel I can keep going.

Content matters a lot as well. Boring blogs are the death of the internet. I aim to be blunt and honest about my opinions as well as the happenings in my life. Life is always an adventure, and if ever the well runs dry I’ve got plenty of fantastic stories from my wilder days stored in a mental reserve.

2. Run more, run better.

Think of it as a modified version of the NYR staple of weight loss. Fact is, I tend to eat more and move less during this time of the year. Problem is, I have depressive tendencies and these habits tend to exacerbate my symptoms. I already possess one of those aforementioned dust-gathering gym memberships, and it’s for a 24-h gym so there’s really no excuse why I can’t fit it into my schedule. When I was at the gym four days per week, I noticed a massive change in my mood and attitude, and I’d really like to feel that way again. Starting small is key — if I try to get up and go four days a week right off the bat, I’ll get sore, discouraged and give up. Two days of one week, three the next, on and off until I’m in a routine. Ladies and gents, as we age routine seems to become our holy grail.

3. Get into some DIY shit.

As stated several times before, I move into my new apartment the first week of January. Although I’ve got some money saved for important things like a bed and some hangers for my clothes, I’ll definitely need to start getting crafty with it when it comes to decor. Who knows, I may even enjoy it!

So on that note, folks, I really do hope that 2013 brings you more joy, more fitness, more health, more love, and more sex than the year before it. Wave goodbye to 2012 and its almost end-of-days and look forward to the 365 days you have ahead of you. You haven’t even fucked it up yet, let’s keep that glory going.

Happy New Year! I’m off to get settled into my new apartment.

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